“Footwear has to be the perfect marriage of style and functionality”

It was the combination of a rough, raw, earthy upbringing on a remote Australian farm, combined with European designer elegance. This is what sowed the seed for founder Emily Cunich to become a shoe designer.

After spending the day riding around her family’s wool and cattle property, she would then raid her grandmother’s closet for luxury belts, shoes, bags, and scarves. 

This perfect combination meant from the age of six, Emily was given a reverence for fashion items of great beauty.

With her grandmother’s words: “You need to be careful with those. They’re very expensive. And don’t ruin them” ringing in her ears, Emily learned to be respectful of high-end classic designer brands.

Her passion for riding also enabled her to recognise the care that goes into looking after leather and keeping it in good condition. Emily spent many hours oiling her bridle and saddle to keep them in the best condition possible.

It led to her appreciation of practicality and comfort, as well as the finer things in life.

  • Design quality
  • Comfort
  • Craftsmanship
  • Sustainability

Influences from around the world 

Emily’s design sensibility was originally influenced by the reliability and quality of R.M Williams and the timeless, classicism of Gucci. Sojourns to Europe, Asia, and Latin America allowed her to experience first-hand other cultures and expand her aesthetic library.

Studying fashion in Perugia, Italy, Emily immersed herself in the language and developed a deep respect for their attitude towards life, love, and fashion. The Italian’s approach to dressing, including tonal blending and varying colourways became an inspiration. Stints living in Japan and Singapore followed, and Emily began to collate her ideas for her first footwear designs.

But it was when she discovered Latin American culture and Brazil in particular, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Loving the fiery yet welcoming nature of the people, she also appreciated the high levels of craftsmanship they put into their work.

Lux Commune was born.

Luxury + community 

The name Lux Commune comes from Emily’s desire to create luxury footwear that would also be durable, functional, and made from sustainable materials.

It’s about creating a community that supports a sustainable lifestyle. That also appreciates beauty and the finer things in life.

Emily’s desire to have only the best quality and sustainable leather meant she has developed a close relationship with the factories and works closely with the artisans.

She wanted to guarantee their suppliers didn’t get any product from sources that endanger the natural environment, including the Amazon rainforest, as well as the people in the supply chain.

Emily now lives on a farm in New South Wales with her son, who is half Brazilian, where she lives in close contact with nature and designs footwear that she loves.